Game Play Demo A Go

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during this process, it’s that everything takes a little longer than we believed it would, from hashing out the core concept of our first game to raising the money to help make it happen. But… we’ve reached the point where we’re confident we can begin moving forward, putting together a game play demo.

Our Creative Director, Mike Ricca is hard at work, finalizing character designs and producing useable art and animations and our Chief Technology Officer, Colin Ferm, is actively coding the game engine.

So… What will the game play demo consist of?

Essentially, it will be a complete one level playable proof of concept. It will demonstrate not just our control scheme but also how the game actually works, using production ready graphics.

We’re extremely excited about this new phase BKLYN Bit Labs is entering into and look forward to posting updates about its development in our Blog.