BKLYN Bit Labs Announces Name of Flagship Game

Get ready for 1-Bit Trip, the first mobile game that will allow you to play four major eras of platforming adventure goodness all in a single game.

The story:

32-Bit Kitridge

Major Michael Kittridge thought life couldn’t get any worse when the love of his life, Lucy, died. But it did. Her father, the Reverend Doctor Louis Balzak III, Esquire, former military scientist and always borderline personality, blamed him for what happened. Falling over the edge from sanity to madness, the Reverend Doctor concocted a new drug called the 1-Bit Trip so he can take over the world. And Major Kittridge is his first victim.

Formulated to degrade the way its victims see the world, the Major watches as his vision and hearing falls from full resolution to 16-bit Sega Genesis quality, then to an 8-bit Nintendo Home Entertainment System, then to 1-bit Atari.

But nothing slows the Major for long. Breaking free of the Reverend Doctor Balzak’s lair, Major Kittridge must now cross the world in order to find, and stop, the 1-Bit Trip from being used on everyone. Along the way, he will discover antidotes to restore the quality of his senses and abilities, but each minion of the Reverend Doctor’s carries more poison and each wound degrades him again.

1-Bit Trip is an epic “platform”-style game in which Major Kittridge must avoid obstacles, hop-and-bop, punch and shoot (if he can recover his full senses) through each level in order to stop the Reverend Doctor, and maybe even discover the truth about what happened to Lucy.

1-Bit Kitridge

We’ve been keeping this aspect of the game under wraps until now because we didn’t want to give away what we believed made the game special. But as of last night, when we demoed at the NYC Games Forum, the cat is now out of the bag and we can share not just the name but the concept with everyone.

We’re excited about the reception we received last night with our single level demo and will have some even more exciting news in the very near future, including ways in which you can help us finish the game and get it onto your favorite mobile device.

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