The Glorious Frustration of Interface Design

“A blank page is God’s way of showing you how hard it is to be God.” – Anon.

Even though we have a great concept, plan, and look for the game play of Project One, one of the major components yet to be settled on is the interface design and look and feel of the ancillary screens and buttons needed for the game. These include the start screen, the pause screen, the in-app purchases screen and the like.

This is not for lack of trying… I’ve designed and thrown out at least five different variations of the interface and at this point, I feel like I’m banging my head against my keyboard waiting for the genius idea to just bleed out.

As described in a previous post, the idea for Project One came to me in a dream, so why the crap is it so hard to flesh out my dream in pixels?!?

This is the Glorious Frustration of Interface Design, or any other creative endeavor. I’m starting from a blank page. I’m responsible for what you’ll see and touch, and right now this responsibility is weighing heavy on me.

I have a central metaphor I want to develop, so why isn’t it happening? Why can’t I bring what I see in my mind’s eye onto the screen? I’d post what I’ve done so far, but I know they’re crap and honestly I’m embarrassed by them. I’ve been trolling the internet and the real world for inspiration, trying things out, and disposing of them when they feel too derivative and not infused with that bolt of creative lightning that matches the concept of Project One itself.

And you know what…? This has happened before. I’m just going through my creative process of emptying the junk out of my head to get to the good stuff. I knew this was coming and have been dreading it since we started this project.

Thanks for reading my rant. Back to banging my head… I hope I don’t pass out from the blood loss…