It Came to Me in a Dream…

Seriously… I’m not kidding… But a little backstory first.

If you know us at all, then you know that Colin and I have been consulting together as a team for more than ten years now. And, over that span, we’ve evolved our professional vision. For more than a few years, we were more than happy to execute someone else’s vision on a project we were either hired to develop or complete. But, after a while, we began to find this professionally unsatisfying and, every now and again, we’d kick around the idea of creating our own product to produce some passive income to add to our corporate balance sheet. We even had some good ones that eventually became standard in any given mobile phone OS. (Reminders based on location, anyone?) However, none these ideas were enough to build a company around until we came up with the idea of building a game.

Both Colin and I love our video games and we decided we’d played enough of them, especially on our smart phones, that we could come up with one of our own. Our first idea had an insanely funny title and concept. It still makes us laugh when we think about it. (I’m not going to give away too much here as it might very well become a BKLYN Bit Labs game yet.) But we couldn’t settle on the game point of view or mechanics without some sort of creative death spiral that made us re-think the whole idea from the beginning.

Around December of last year though, I showed up to work one morning and told Colin about a dream I had the night before. I explained my vision and what I had worked out in my head during the walk to work. (Again, forgive the scant details because we’re not ready to release the “secret sauce” of the idea just yet.) Colin was immediately intrigued.

Over the next few hours, we went back and forth spit-balling ideas. These conversations were intense. What genre of game would it be? Who would be the hero, the villain? What were their motivations? What was the overall story of the game? How many stages and hero lives would there be? Could our game translate to the mobile platform? Would it be any fun? Sometimes we were in complete agreement. Details we decided on gave a us more than a few good laughs. (Let’s put it this way, our villan’s name is the Reverend Doctor Louis Balzac, III, Esquire…) But others required Abraham Lincoln’s oratory skills to convince the other that he was right on a particular topic.

By the end of the day, we had an almost fully-formed game concept; we just needed a title. More back and forth ensued, from the ridiculous to the sublime. When finally we came up with it, we were hit with a bolt of lightning. We had the idea we had been searching for, one well within our skills to execute, but still something no one had seen before. This game would be the foundation for our new company as our flagship product.

It was, literally, this dream that inspired us to found BKLYN Bit Labs as a company and platform for us to realize our goal of creating an indie game studio to build our own products and develop a stable of successful mobile games. It was our professional evolution and revolution. We can’t wait to share with the world what we’ved dreamed up and over the coming months, we know you’ll be just as excited.